Riverina Region

Education Week

Celebrating the quality of education and wonderful achievements of our local public schools with our highly talented students and teachers across the Riverina. Delivering effective and efficient visual communications for coordinating and promoting Education Week with over 1500 students from 26 public schools.

Suzy, you do the most beautiful and powerful promotional work for Riverina public education. I love your work and appreciate your contribution greatly. Thank you!

Colin Parker
Riverina Regional Director
NSW Department of Education

DET Curriculum

Professional Learning and Training

Development of quality promotions, resources and training assets for sustainable communication practices for various teams across different curriculum portfolios. Implementation has established more user-friendly, time efficient and responsive support for learning and training.

Suzy, I want you to know how much I appreciate the work you have put into this newsletter, you are a gem!!! It looks so amazing, I love it. I totally underestimated how tricky it would be to do it and was getting very frustrated with the whole thing. Thank you so very much.

Laurinda Motion
Mentor 4 Youth Project Officer
Riverina Region

Griffith Community of schools

Community engagement

Publicising student activities in local primary and high schools to demonstrate collegial staff practices and positive working relationships. Visual representation of local regional industries enhanced stronger community connections and support that led to more respectful school-family relationships and improved student learning outcomes.

You should be so proud as I am. The things we have accomplished with all our performers and your marketing of KROP (Kids Rapt on Performing) in such a short time is amazing. You keep lifting the quality to showcase our talented students. Thanks for promoting these four shows to sold out audiences for Education Week.

Monica St Baker
Hanwood Public School